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Some Great Ideas For Our Music & Projects:

Learn Music Production

Learn to produce the coolest genres, advanced production techniques, spark your creativity and remix a top quality track, dissect the project and aquire new skills you can use in your projects..

Media Production Sync

Brand new project lacking the right sound? Don't worry, we got you covered! Our licenses cover all uses, instantly. We have a massive database of customizable sounds to fit any project, any where, any time.

Video Games Sounds

With a non stop growing collection of electronic based and independently produced tunes - our collection of projects and tracks will fit perfectly with any large or small scaling gaming project. With genres spanning across Action, Roleplaying, Interstallar and everything else.

App & Software Soundtrack

Whether you are working on a fresh new app and looking for the perfect music to add some impact to your landing page, or trying to find some deep and obscure sounds to coat your new meditation app - we got the sounds you seek and you can get it edited to fit your needs.

Featured Producers

Music Producers, Singers & Musicians Join The Movement

Join as a Producer:

We are actively seeking producers to join us and offer their project files, sound banks, stems and masters with our community of music lovers.

Join as a singer:

Our singers record their vocals and offer them for sale royalty free, they can mixed into today’s most popular musical genres and styles of music.

Join as a musician

We are expanding into new categories and musical avenues, we are excited to welcome musicians of all types, forge your own path!

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What people have to say...

Jared C. - California (USA)

“I tried a lot of different ways to learn through paid tutorial websites, dissecting YouTube videos, and it helped, but since I cannot afford audio production school, there is nothing like buying templates and being able to learn directly from them at my own pace. No pressure, no time constraints, no other people or distractions. This is the best way for me to learn and it’s working.”

Anonymous - New York City (USA)

“Some artists struggle to constantly produce new, current music so sometimes we miss the wave. With the Full License Catalog, I buy exactly what’s hot and have full rights to it immediately. No paying for studio time, no legal expenses. I can’t believe I’ve spent 90% of my career without this option.”

Armin S. - Breda (Holland)

“For the first 3 years I was producing I always dreamed about someone just sending me the original source files. When I came across this site, it’s like the Gods heard my wishes. I’ve accomplished more musically in the past 6 months than all my years combined.”

John H. - Manchester (United Kingdom)

“It’s like the cat is out of the bag – even some of the top producers start their projects with templates. Well, if they do it, so can I. I’m happy to build on someone else’s energy and configure it in my own style. Great results. Why not?”