Product Upload Guide:

Product Name:

Create an original product name. If the name you want is taken, try some variations.

Be creative, name your project as if it were a song. We do not recommend titles like Trap Vol 1, Trance Project 1 etc.

You can add template to your title, for example: This Grooves Template, The Big Bang Project, Logic Pro Project Jacking House


YouTube Video:

While this is not mandatory, it is proven that projects with videos sell 30% more. Also having your product on YouTube with a link to our site greatly enhances visibility and will yield more sales. 


Tempo / BPM:

Enter the BPM of your project. If your project has multiple BPMs or if it is a bundle with various projects, enter a range, e.g. 100-150. If not applicable enter NA.



Enter the exact length of your project in this format MM:SS, for example 12:00

Please note - to validate time entry you need to use a colon to separate the minutes from the seconds.



Enter the root key for your project. If not applicable enter NA. In the near future we will offer project selection by key.



Select the category and sub categories you want your product to be included in. It is mandatory to select all levels to ensure your product is displayed correctly in the inventory.



It is highly recommended to use as few plugins as possible for compatibility between OS and DAW version. We recommend producing a version with plugins and a second version without any plugins with audio bounced or channel frozen. Always leave the midi parts and include the separate soundbanks with the project.

Our system does have plugins that are parts of categories. These entries will be suggested while you type. However, our system accepts all word input for categories.



Enter a complete description starting with what your project is,


Ableton Project Spheres Deep Techno:

This project was inspired by my favorite artist. I replicated the sound using this synthesizer and these techniques. It features sidechain compression and reverb send sidechained to the main vocal. You will be able to learn these tricks and integrate them into your own production. Or use this one as a start to a remix project. 

We require artists to describe engineering tricks, important elements, styles, included chords and sounds, similar artists. The more information you include, the better you describe your product, the more attractive you make it thus increasing sales possibilities.


Product Specs:

It is mandatory to include the number of channels, send busses, vocal channels, drum channels, midi, synths, download size, etc. Project without this information will not be added to the catalog.


ZIP Files:

Upload only ZIP files here, including templates, sounds, midi etc. We recommend to create a top level folder for all files and then include your product(s) within it. We do not accept RAR or any other compressed format. Any project with these formats will be deleted immediately.


MP3 File:

Required format: Full length MP3 at 128 KBPS including no metadata. All other files will result in your project being deleted.



If desired, you can include a master file and a compressed MP3 version of you project output. Only consumers that purchase the commercial license will have access to this. Verify what our commercial licenses allow there.


Full License Sales Option:

Here you can decide to sell the full license to your project. This only applies to templates. Only original projects never signed on a label, never registered with any copyright agency or published can be sold this way.  You sell 100% of the right to the client and lose any of the composition by selling this.