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Who can sell with us?

If you're a producer, musician, singer, sound designer, composer, writer, educator or artist with a passion for your craft, you're exactly who we're looking for. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, our platform is open to all. Join us and share your amazing work with the world!"

Unlock Your Potential as a Producer: 


Turn your unreleased projects into thriving income streams. Transform songs into templates, sample packs, vocal acapellas, and even offer them as stock music. Maximize your earnings while retaining full rights.

Utilize templates as powerful promotional tools for your releases, gaining more exposure and maintaining complete control.

Grow your audience and foster connections with fellow producers on our platform.

Singers, Let Your Voice Soar:


Your voice is your instrument, let it resound! Upload ad-libs, original compositions, and your unique take on popular songs—perhaps an operatic spin on Metallica. We embrace all forms of creativity, from scats and Swiss yodeling to beatboxing and choirs. Every distinctive voice finds a home on our platform.

And that's not all – poets and voice actors are invited to share their sketches, jams, and slams with open arms."


Musicians, Unleash Your Creativity:


Capture the essence of your favorite instruments with complete artistic freedom.


Whether it's a classical rendition of Vogue on the piano or a metal interpretation of Mozart, our platform embraces your unique musical expressions. Originals or covers, all styles and instruments are celebrated here.


Sound Designers, Unleash Your Creative Vision:


Calling all sound designers and recording innovators! This is your canvas to craft sonic landscapes.

Share your unique creations in themed packs, and let your past and future work converge in a symphony of innovation.

Your contributions will shape the auditory experiences of tomorrow.


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