About Wemakedancemusic.com

Established in July of 2012, We Make Dance Music is a trusted community marketplace for producers, musicians and singers to discover, buy and sell unique music project files around the world. Whether a template to spark inspiration, sounds to enrich your production, or music files for your media project, We Make Dance Music allows people to share their ideas and passion for music in over 125 countries at any time. We promote a culture of curiosity and creativity through our products, services, and, most importantly, our artists.

Driven by the loyalty to its community, We Make Dance Music is committed to nurturing talent and unlocking potential of their people. We continue to grow organically without outside investment ensuring that we remain a movement for artists by artists.

Surrounded by creative energy and a global thriving tech sector, WMDM is passionate about building a framework that is changing the way music is created and distributed through the web facilitating dynamic music experiences for musicians and fans alike.


We aspire to create a centralized source of sound in the cloud empowering artists the world over to make music that moves people's hearts and souls.

Earning stable income from the sales of their music, artists are free to do more of what they love while the global community has access to an online catalog of innovative sounds.

We will continue to empower creatives to make a living of their passion. We will consolidate our technology to fulfill our vision of a world where artists worldwide can thrive making the music of the future.