We are here to help everyone do better. Our goal is to have as many artists as possible make a living from their music production. Here are some proven techniques to reach more people and increase product downloads.

1 - Create and upload videos: products with videos sell twice as much.

We recommend clips under 2 minutes featuring the main drop and the overall track. Tutorials video about a template will drive even more traffic if you are ready to explain what’s inside the product. Remember to add a link to your product in the video description.

Next to Youtube, we recommend uploading videos to:




Instagram (Short video)

2 - Upload demo to music sites: soundcloud is not the only to go address here.

There are many other sites where you can upload the demo and add a link in the description. We recommend the following sites:







3 - Build your brand: get visibility and increase traffic to your pages.

What is your brand? It is yourself as a producer & your sounds! It is very important to include links to your pages on all your networks, eg. you should add links to your facebook page on Youtube and vice versa. Your brand is your every appearance and how you are perceived by the public who view it for the first time so make it count. Being consistent with your design elements will help you create your brand awareness. We recommend including a PDF or a text with links in your product folder.

4 - Be consistent: upload products on a regular basis.

Having products visible on the new release pages is key to get people to visit your producer page and discover the rest of your catalog. You can create sub products: from templates you can create sample packs, STEMS and also add the song to our royalty free music category. Remix your own templates, recreate the popular ones in other DAW’s, the possibilities are almost endless.

Need more info: check out our product guide: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/product-guide.

5 - Update your products: make them perfect.

We recommend you refine the product description, improve the video and update the product mix and arrangements. Simply go to My product and click on the pen symbol or the name of the product. You can upload a new file and demo, change the video link, then save it. It will be updated automatically.

6 - Create bundles: get more out of existing products.

Once you have 5 or more products, package them together into a bundle and get more visibility. You can offer great savings and better value with these packs. Make sure to create a demo including all the songs and add the complete product specs. Add links to the templates included in your packs into the product specs, we will do the rest. Create bundles by genres or categories of products. Add exclusive content to bundles to make them more appealing.

7 - Promote your products: get your products in front of new people.

Create a blog and add all of your products with links to buy them. Post on relevant Reddit topics. Engage with people on Facebook Groups, use Twitter with popular hashtags, use Linkedin by posting to your profile page and to relevant groups.

All of this will contribute to more visibility and a significant increase in traffic and sales.

And of course here  are some forums worth posting on:










8 - Give away free products: a great way to get people to discover you!

Using https://www.splice.com or https://blend.io/  you can give away a teaser to your templates or packs. Include only a part of the main drop with audio instead of MIDI, add the link to the product page in the description.

Using https://pumpyoursound.com you can give away products in exchange for follows and likes.

Promoting your giveaways with videos on Facebook, Youtube and other networks available will help you grow a strong presence.

ALWAYS include links to your profile or products in a PDF or link format.

We wish you the best of luck in your quest!